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No-deposit bonuses (NDB): what are they?

No-deposit bonus codes

Gamblers all over the world & especially, Canada, as the county-heart of online gambling, always strive to find something new to improve their games with free spins. One of the feasible ways to such improvements is a casino no deposit bonus in Canada. Below, we are speaking about what are no deposit bonus codes in Canada or Aussie country, how to obtain & use the latest casino no deposit bonus codes.

No-deposit bonuses (NDB): what are they?

no deposit bonus codes

Every time one registers in a new gaming venue on the Internet, one might be looking for the best no deposit casino bonus codes. Alternatively, a punter may be unaware of the fact that this gaming house gives online casino bonus codes, so getting them out of the blue could be a pleasant surprise. 

A no deposit bonus is a type of reward, which is provided by an online gaming venue to newly registered clients, which are not yet customers. Some no deposit casino coupon codes 2021 can be given if a client becomes a customer – when he or she inputs real money. But most often, free spins no deposit required by people who simply register & – maybe, according to the gaming venue’s rules – do some verification activity. For instance, an online gaming venue gives the free cash bonus no deposit casino if only a person registers, verifies a phone number through entering info from SMS on its smartphone & confirming an e-mail. But the biggest share of online gaming venues provides the casino no deposit sign-up bonus just for mere registration & sign-up.

How can one use NDB codes?

Given that a no deposit bonus is something obtained very easily & does not require hustle & bustle from a gamer to get it, by nature, it cannot be something large. Most often, a no deposit bonus is given in the form of free spins (below 20) or cash to use in bets (usually, no more than 1-2-5-10-20 dollars but can be something like 100 bucks for special customers on an infrequent basis). It also can come in the form of free play, for instance, during 2… 5 minutes, when a punter has to make any number of bets one can fit within the time, without actually spending anything for such betting from the real-money account.

Every casino’s no deposit bonus comes with an attached wager. A wager is the requirement to bet an amount of a giveaway a number of times to make it feasible to cash out any sums derived as a result of gaming & winning. Otherwise, not meeting the wager conditions at maximum, all sums of a casino’s no deposit bonus will be forfeited. 

The utmost five criteria to select a reliable casino to play

Before one spends any casino’s no deposit bonus, it would be a nice thing to select a good gaming house. Below, let’s briefly explore the qualities good establishments have. Also you can use websites like https://top-canadiancasinos.com/ to find the perfect place for you.


Without an official license of the gaming software of the gambling facility received from one of the established gambling licensing bodies in the world, no really trustworthy house of the game can exist. If one plays any of such, one has high risks that the winnings won’t be banked out throughout any payment channel or that a punter’s account with or without a casino’s no deposit bonus on it will be simply blocked for no reason whatsoever, out of the blue.


The more a gaming facility can give a gamer as a bounty, the more flamboyant the gaming process in this facility can be. Would our reader agree that spending time in some venue that does not want to give any no deposit bonuses or other types of promo giveaways to its clients is not thrilling enough? No rewards = other gaming house search.

Security issues

Before starting to pay any gaming venue, make sure to read the third-party pieces of feedback about it to make sure that there are no security breach issues found in it. As what coolness will it be to play one, even with an amazing casino’s no deposit bonus, if the venue simply sells punters’ personal data to someone?

Methods of payment

no deposit bonus codes canada

The more of them & the more convenient they are for a gamer, the better. Usually, every modern gaming venue offers cards, cryptocurrencies, online wallets, Amazon payment & some most popular others. They have all to be in the gamer’s country’s main currency to avoid conversion fees during financial transactions. Banking options should be fast for debit (withdrawal) & credit (replenishment).  

Handling customer requests

A really good customer support service shall work 24/7, dealing with all issues of punters, especially those connected to giveaways (not excluding a no deposit bonus). The more channels client service has the better. They typically should include Live Chat, phone support, email & messengers (including Facebook, Telegram, or Viber).

What kinds of NDBs do Canadians use?

Below, we are looking at the types of a casino’s no deposit bonus.

A no deposit bonus given in cash

Cash is something that appears on a giveaway account as a form of a no deposit bonus & cannot be cashed out immediately, not without meeting wagering requirements. Gaming venues usually define the list of games where a player can bet this money – well, at least, if a gamer wants to fulfill the wager conditions, of course. Otherwise, simply bet where one technically can, not expecting to withdraw any money should one win. But do not expect to have thousands of dollars derived from a casino’s no deposit bonus since a gamer is only given some scarce money as a reward in the first place.

Free spins as a no deposit bonus

A gaming venue can define the games, where the no deposit bonus is given as free spins.

Free play as a no deposit bonus

Free play means one can bet during some rigidly limited period of time, for instance, 5 minutes of instant play given to a player (and in a very specific game), during which the gamer’s balance is intact but it’s actually feasible to win some money.

Free spins upon registration of a card or verification of a phone number

Most online gaming venues only want to give out a casino’s no deposit bonus after their clients fulfill something valuable action. If not putting in money to the balance (which would be erroneous for the very nature of a casino’s no deposit bonus), it can be verification of the punter’s data, such as:

no deposit bonus codes 2021
  • phone number
  • email
  • bank card
  • gamer’s place of residence and/or registration (by uploading copies of ID/financial documents), which would also help the identification procedure.

Sometimes, a gaming facility ends up with several no deposit bonuses for just mere this point – giving one of no deposit bonuses for every verified piece of data. Some venues give a no deposit bonus of all or just a few types that we’ve listed here. To find out, what’s exactly offered by this or that gaming venue, one has to investigate the casino’s no deposit bonus offers of a specific gambling facility (or several).

Frequently Asked Questions about NDBs

What games are available to play with no deposit bonuses?

Every online gaming venue defines the list on its own. The list where a no deposit bonus is active can comprise even of one game but most often, it is a handful of options. For instance, that can be a blackjack game, pokie, roulette…

Claiming free no deposit bonuses

If a no deposit bonus is not immediately given to a gamer’s giveaway account upon fulfilling some condition of a no deposit bonus, then a gamer should contact the support service for it or read the Terms & Conditions to find out how exactly this gaming facility provides a casino’s no deposit bonus. 

After claiming the bounty’s alphanumerical sequence, one should enter it into a special field to transform the sequence into a gaming giveaway balance, which is to be used to make bets. 

What are the no deposit bonus wagering requirements?

The wager of the gaming platform connected to a no deposit bonus is usually small since the body of this reward is small, too. So, it is not seldom to meet small wagers of winning requirements, like, x5 or x7. 

How is it possible to withdraw a no deposit bonus?

new no deposit bonus codes

Not without meeting wager conditions & playing only in dedicated games. Should a gamer step aside from the required, any potential withdrawal can be blocked by the gaming venue. 

Gambling online versus offline – which are better?

Well, a casino’s no deposit bonus cannot be given to a person playing in an offline gaming venue, as it’s simply impossible to imagine (at least, not in the form of cash but maybe in some natural form – how about a welcome cocktail?). Also, one can’t play a brick-and-mortar casino anywhere & anyplace one wants: it has operating hours & requires to be specifically dressed in a fashionable manner. Also, surely, one has to have a casino constructed on the land plot in one’s area, otherwise, getting there & back would require some time. Unlike it, online casino is playable anyplace, anytime 24/7 on mobile phones, tablets & PCs & offers casino’s no deposit bonuses & other bounties.